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Custom Furniture - During Creation

Antique Furniture - After Restoration

Custom Furniture - After Completion

Furniture Repairs

​Our repair work involves so much more than just the repair. We take the time to fully dismantle your piece to determine exactly what each individual piece requires, and we believe this is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

Custom Built Furniture

​Ryan's Hagan Furniture Toowoomba provides customers with a diverse range of custom benefits to find the correct solution for your next piece of furniture.

Building furniture with the highest functionality, design and quality. Ryan's Hagan Furniture has a long-standing tradition of modern and durable furniture concepts and designs.

​Discover a world of cool, contemporary pieces, new colours, new functionalities and exciting materials with our custom made furniture designed to your needs.

Antique Furniture - Before Restoration

Furniture Polishing

​Our polishing ranges from traditional shellac hand rubbed finishes, to single and two-pack lacquers.  

Our services

Anything from nicks, scratches, gouges, water marks and other blemishes, and damage to all

types of wood furniture. Sometimes, a touch-up is all you need.

Matching or duplicating almost any finish, so you have many color options in most cases.

Furniture Restorations

​​​We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for furniture.

We respect and preserve as much of any original piece as possible.

​We believe and understand all antiques are important to and have great sentimental value. So, when they’re looking a little sickly, our philosophy is to never let them perish. We work to revive - don’t replace - by breathing new life into worn down furniture pieces.

Here at Ryan’s Hagan Furniture we care about quality, and work hard to ensure that the integrity of your unique piece of furniture is maintained. With 5 generations of experience in furniture restorations, repairs, french polishing and custom pieces, all of our work is guaranteed. The key to restoring your unique piece of furniture is in the repair. Our workers will dismantle, strip, repair, polish and refit all of the components of the piece to your liking, whilst maintaining the unique features that make the piece so special to you.